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The Southern California Water Committee (SCWC) — established in 1984 — is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education partnership dedicated to informing Southern Californians about our water needs and our state’s water resources. Through measured advocacy, SCWC works to ensure the health and reliability of Southern California’s water supply.

Spanning Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Kern and Imperial counties, SCWC’s approximately 200 member organizations include leaders from business, regional and local government, agricultural groups, labor unions, environmental organizations, water agencies, as well as the general public.

The diversity of our membership sets SCWC apart and enhances our influence, giving us the unique ability to take an all-inclusive approach to our efforts as we facilitate productive dialogue and build consensus to solve California’s most critical water issues.

Our Challenge

Water drives California’s economy, nourishes the environment, and provides for our unique and treasured quality of life in the Golden State.

The development of our water resources has enabled our state to become the top agricultural and industrial producer in the U.S., providing jobs, agricultural product and a reliable water supply to millions of Californians. Our water supplies also support some of the most critical eco-systems and the largest natural estuary on the West Coast, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

But, in an arid state, we can’t take a secure water future for granted. By 2030, California’s population is expected to have grown by 11 million people -- from 37 million to 48 million – an increase which will create a higher demand for water, and potentially critical shortages.

Recurring drought cycles, regulatory constraints, and aging infrastructure restrict our ability to meet future demands for a reliable, high quality and affordable water supply. California’s primary water delivery infrastructure, including the State Water Project, Central Valley Project and the Colorado River Aqueduct, must be operated most effectively and local supply options, including groundwater storage, stormwater capture, recycling, desalination, and other conservation measures, must be aggressively pursued to most efficiently utilize our precious natural resources.  We must build statewide consensus on these critical issues, and confront our water challenges together to ensure continued economic growth for California, and a secure, reliable water supply for its people.

Our Strategy

SCWC addresses Southern California’s most critical water issues by facilitating an ongoing, productive dialogue and building consensus on policy solutions among a broad array of stakeholders and decision-makers.

SCWC finds strength in diversity when it comes to the water policy dialogue. The breadth and range of our membership makes SCWC a statewide authority on water issues, and enables us to foster agreement and progress, while consistently meeting the important needs of each member.

SCWC is a powerful voice for Southern California because we reflect broad consensus on water issues. Strong leadership and the collective expertise of our members allow SCWC to contribute ideas, resources and viable strategies to statewide resolution efforts.

SCWC in Action

SCWC equips its members with the tools needed to stay informed and active on California water issues. Our organization has a long and successful history of collaboration and impact on the development of state and regional water policy decisions.

SCWC provides an extensive set of resources and programming to keep our members one step ahead as they tackle the latest developments in California water. 

  • Policy analysis & positions
  • Informational workshops & forums
  • Legislative & regulatory advocacy
  • Public education & outreach programs
  • Networking receptions
  • Events featuring leaders in water policy
  • Educational materials
  • Breaking news updates


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