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The science is clear. A significant portion of the state's water supply could be wiped out for a year or longer if a major earthquake strikes Northern California. Studies show such a disaster could contaminate and cut off a key drinking water supply for two out of three Californians, with impacts cascading throughout the state.


To advance the Southern California 
Water Committee's mission to 
educate Southern Californians 
about the state's water needs 
and water resources, 
the organization has launched 
an education and outreach 
program to raise awareness 
on the threats to our water supply 
and the solutions before us. 

BDCP YouTube Video

Susan Mulligan, Calleguas MWD General Manager, discusses the vital role of imported State water in Ventura County. Click here to watch the video.

Sample Newsletter Articles Available

SCWC would like to offer these sample newsletter articles on the BDCP for your use. The articles discuss the significance of the Delta region and its water supply to Southern California.

Click here for the Public Meetings sample newsletter.

Click here for the Economic Report sample newsletter.

Click here for the Southern California version.

Click here for the Los Angeles County version.

Click here for the Riverside County version.

Click here for the Orange County version.

Click here for the San Bernardino County version.

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Delta Disrupted

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