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UWMPThe California Urban Water Management Planning Act of 1983 (UWMP Act) requires all publicly or privately owned entities that serve water for municipal purposes to more than 3,000 service connections or serve more than 3,000 acre-feet of water per year to prepare an updated UWMP once every five years -- either at the beginning or mid-point of each decade – to support long-term resource planning.

The purpose of UWMPs is to ensure that urban water suppliers have adequate water supplies for existing and future demands. Plans must identify and discuss various factors affecting current and projected water supplies and demand, and must identify steps being taken to ensure the availability and reliability of future supplies.

Effective 2010, new requirements regarding statewide water conservation and other information have been added to California Water Code. These and other new requirements will affect the next round of UWMPs and compliance with the new laws will directly affect water agencies’ eligibility for state water grant and loan funding opportunities

Through our dedicated Urban Water Planning Task Force and other programming, SCWC ensures that our members are equipped with the proper information and guidance to remain in compliance with State Water Code as they periodically prepare updates to their Urban Water Management Plans.

October 3, 2014

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