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Task Forces
Water Quality Task Force
Jim Stahl
MWH Americas
Adan Ortega
Water Conservation Partners
Jim Barrett
Coachella Valley Water Agency
Jeffrey Berk
Black & Veatch Corporation
Russ Bryden
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Amy Chen
Amy Chen
Steve Cole
Newhall County Water District
Martha Davis
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Edgar Dymally
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Dean Efstathiou
Castaic Lake Water Agency
Steve Elie
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Charles Emig
City of Cerritos
Dan Ferons
Santa Margarita Water District
Bob Hill
El Toro Water District
Dan Horan
Three Valleys Municipal Water District
Steven LaMar
Irvine Ranch Water District
Dave Luker
Desert Water Agency
Mary Aileen Matheis
Irvine Ranch Water District
Larry McKenney
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
James Noyes
Ken Reich
Suburban Water Systems